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Team Building Masterclass Special Event For Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

  • Clarify Your Vision
  • Attract Great Talent
  • Build a Team to Run Your Business For You

Do Any Of These 3 Team Challenges Sound Familiar?

#1 Can't Find Good Help

Are you having a challenge attracting top talent? Or maybe you don't know where to look...

#2 Lack Of Employee Engagement

Are you confused about how exactly you need to engage and grow your team during these times of unprecedented opportunity?

#3 No Time to Even Look For Team

Are you frustrated that the time you spend running your business means you're unable to enjoy the lifestyle your business was supposed to create?

CASE STUDY - 1100% Growth For Engineering Solutions

...All Started With A Team Building Masterclass

What Others Say About Bill...

"I Highly Recommend Bill & His Team!"

“Bill and Action Coach have provided services to Augusta Aquatics since 2007.

Bill is a tremendous resource for those getting started in business or wondering what it will take to actually make the dream come true and provide for years to come.

I highly recommend Bill and his team!”

Tim Coleman, Acqua Aquatics

"Bill Helped Me Create A Smooth-Running & Profitable Business"

“I'm very happy to recommend Bill Gilliland.

Although the category states "business consultant," Bill is MUCH more than that.

Together will Bill's coaching, insight and experience, we have completely reworked my company structure, team and systems.

He's helped me to create a smooth-running and more profitable business, and in the meantime given me the tools to more quickly and effectively make decisions concerning business and team.

I participate in weekly mentoring, in addition to the very valuable workshops that they offer.

I highly recommend Bill to any business owner”

Melinda Zobrist

"Bill's A Master At Getting Right To The Business Problems"

“From a first-hand observation, I have found Bill to be a master at getting right to the problems that plague every business and finding a way to help them streamline their operation so that the ultimate goal of profitability is clearly within their grasp all the while meeting the specific objectives for their own business.

I enjoy working with him and I can see our relationship building for many years to come”

Richard K Halterman, CPA

"Bill Is An Engaging & Knowledgable Speaker"

I highly recommend Bill Gilliland.

He did an excellent job in identifying the problems that can hinder a business, and came up with some excellent ideas on how to solve them.

He was an engaging and knowledgable speaker and I would enjoy working with him again.

Jake Schindler, ProSure Insurance

"Tremendous Value!"

I have been a part of a number of Action Coach workshops led by Bill and his staff.

Every single one of them has been a tremendous value, and even better than that has added value to my business.

I highly recommend his workshops.

Brian Mininger

"Provided A Great Deal Of Value"

Bill provided a great deal of value to my organization. We met weekly to discuss business strategies and Bill kept in touch throughout the week to check how our strategies were working and to hold me accountable.

He helped make adjustments where needed and was always available to me for advice.

There were also workshops and regular group meetings with other business owners that brought new perspective and fresh ideas that were extremely helpful to my business.

Ray Rinaldo, Furniture Medic

"Bill Consistently Offers Something New & Worthwhile"

It's been great working with Bill, Johnny, and the many other business owners I've come know as a participant of Profit Club and the 90 Day Planning sessions I've attended.

Bill and Johnny consistently offer something new and worthwhile, and I've always enjoyed contributing as a participant.

Peter Gorsuch

"Well Worth The Time Invested"

I have had the privilege of attending one of Bill's ActionCoach seminars.

It was concise,provocative, creative and well worth the time invested.

Bill and his business Partner, Johnnie Barr are tops in my book.

Rick Kane, Westhills Ltd

"Bill Is A Tremendous Resource"

“Bill and Action Coach have provided services to Augusta Aquatics since 2007.

Bill is a tremendous resource for those getting started in business or wondering what it will take to actually make the dream come true and provide for years to come.

I highly recommend Bill and his team!”

Tim Coleman, Acqua Aquatics

"I Can't Thank Bill Enough"

"Bringing a vision into reality takes more than common knowledge; it takes a new perspective, a new way of thinking.

Without coaching, I know the work I have been struggling with for years would have continued to be a struggle.

Since I started working with Bill, I feel I have moved out of the fog and into the sunlight

I now know I can achieve the future I have always envisioned, and I can’t thank Bill enough for coaching me to take the steps necessary to make it all possible."

John Truitt, Grove Park Fine Homes

"6X growth from under 200k revenue to over $1.7m last year"

Brian Koerner

"...its helping me to keep moving forward"

Beth Evans

"...its been really helpful"

Destinee & Ryan Blau

"...a good refresher"

Josh Brinson

"...the worksheets are really great"

Laura McCann

"Invaluable in these times..."

Brian Koerner

"I have a group in my industry, but it's nice to get a positive outside perspective..."

Catherine Olmert

" I know what I've got to get done"

Ron Jones

"I met with 60 people this morning and they were mostly negative. This group is positive and gave me some great ideas..."

Julie Zuercher

About Ceri James

Ceri James is a business owner which means that he can empathise with clients going through the rollercoaster of business ownership.

Ceri has made significant investment in his own development and business toolkit, including two post-graduate business qualifications, a Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) Diploma in Marketing and a Masters in Business Administration from one the top London business schools.

Ceri is a qualified business coach with access to the strategies, systems and toolset from ActionCOACH, the world’s number 1 business coaching operation.

Ceri enjoyed 30 year career including blue chip and Small to Medium Business enterprises, with key themes of helping individuals, teams, organisations and brands to grow and develop.

Ceri is also a Digital Marketing expert, running a range of regular workshops and guiding clients through the ever changing maze of digital marketing.


What Others Say About Ceri

Frequently Asked Questions

What date is the next Team Building Masterclass?

Events take place periodically. After you click the 'Claim Your VIP Invitation' button and enter your contact details, you'll receive full details about the next available session date.

What time does the Team Building Masterclass start?


How long does the Session last?

Two and one half hours - and you'll spend the majority of this time actively working on your own business planning.

How much does it normally cost to attend the Masterclass?

$407 - but for a limited time you can claim a VIP Invitation to attend the next event at no charge.

Is the Team Building Masterclass online or in-person?

The event takes place online via Zoom.

Can more than one person attend the Session?

Yes, absolutely.

If more than one person from our business attends the Team Building Masterclass, can we work on our plan together?

Yes, 100%.

Is there any preparation work before the Masterclass?

Yes, you will receive a pre-session briefing pack which is recommended to get the maximum value from the session.

Will we get access to some tools to help with our Team Building?

Absolutely, both tools and a proven process. You'll receive a full workbook that includes a situation analysis for your business, the ActionCOACH 5 Ways numbers to drive profits, a goal setting template and a financial planning tool.

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